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   Universidad Francisco Marroquín / Degree programs


In Guatemala, as in most of Latin America, the educational system concentrates students in their academic or professional discipline from the time of admission. Following secondary school, students are admitted to a particular school or department and, beginning the first year, follow a prescribed program leading to a degree.


Licenciatura degree (Licentiate)
In most of Latin America, the degree that is most commonly awarded to undergraduate students is called licenciatura. Traditionally, it includes several more academic credits than a B.A. or B.S.

Architecture; business administration; clinical nutrition; economics; education; international relations; law; political studies; public accounting and auditing; psychology (clinical and industrial).

M.D. / D.D.S.
Students are admitted directly into medical and dental schools as high school graduates. They follow a three-year program of basic science studies, upon completion of which they receive a B.S. degree. This is followed by four years of medical or three of dental studies, and one year of internship for medical students (none for dental students). Upon completion, graduates receive an M.D. or D.D.S. degree.

Associate degree


Art history; personnel administration.

Profesorado degree
The profesorado is a specialized degree for secondary school teachers. In many cases, it is required for employment.

Art history; computer studies; social sciences and language.


Master degree


Business administration (MBA); entrepreneurial economics; international political economy; international relations; finance and taxation; management of human resources; social sciences.

The MBA program offers the possibility of online and/or traditional classroom instruction. The entrepreneurial economics and the international political economy programs are available only through online instruction. The former also requires two weeks of traditional classroom instruction at the School of Management in Boston University.

Master degree in the following medical specialties: internal medicine; ophthalmology; pediatrics; radiology.

Doctoral degree
Economics; law; social sciences

The Department of Psychology offers specialization programs that work as a platform for a master's degree abroad.

Psychobiology; learning skills.