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   Universidad Francisco Marroquín / At a glance


Universidad Francisco Marroquín
(pronounced morrow-keen)

Mission statement
The mission of Universidad Francisco Marroquín is to teach and disseminate the ethical, legal and economic principles of a society of free and responsible persons.

Founded in 1971. Private, secular, coeducational, nonresidential, nonprofit

Degrees awarded
Associate, profesorado (for secondary school teachers), licenciatura (licentiate), magister (artium and scienciae), M.D., D.D.S, doctorate.

Academic disciplines
Architecture, business administration, clinical nutrition, dentistry, economics, education, international relations, law, medicine, political studies, public accounting, psychology, social sciences.

Academic calendar
The academic year in Guatemala begins in January and ends in November. Undergraduate programs operate on a semester system; graduate on a quarter system. Most undergraduate programs have a six-week semester break, from the beginning of June to mid-July. Commencements are in May and November.

Admissions policy
UFM targets the brightest students for admission and it has the most rigorous entrance requirements in the country. The University is emphatic that selection of students be based solely on academic criteria. No information on ability to pay, ethnic, religious, or other affiliations is requested at any point in the admissions process. Students of all religions are represented, as are members of Guatemala's Maya ethnic community. Women generally comprise between 47% and 50% of the student body.

Enrollment 2005
Total degree programs

Language of instruction
Spanish. Knowledge of English is required of all students at the licenciatura level (acceptable TOEFL or ESLASH score is a degree requirement). Students at this level are expected to be able to handle reading assignments and lectures in English. Many key texts used at the University are available only in English and this is often the language of instruction in seminars, courses and lectures given by visiting professors.

Governing boards
Board of trustees (fifty members) and board of directors (nine members).