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   Universidad Francisco Marroquín / Overview

The mission of Universidad Francisco Marroquín is to teach and disseminate the ethical, legal and economic principles of a society of free and responsible persons.

The celebration of a general meeting hosted by UFM can give members of the Mont Pelerin Society the chance to live the tangible fruits of the efforts of so many who, for generations, have engaged in the battle of ideas.

The Mont Pelerin Society was founded to give classical liberals access to and support for each other as scholars, promoters of ideas and intellectual friends. Universidad Francisco Marroquín is a direct result. It was the support of the friends they had made at MPS that convinced Manuel Ayau and his followers in 1971 to take up the daunting challenge of founding a classical liberal university, in a small, developing country, where the battle of ideas had already moved beyond rhetoric and into the realm of violence.

The application of the entrepreneurial spirit at UFM to promote the philosophy of freedom has produced a strong, durable institution that we hope will inspire others to find new models to advance classical liberalism, and at the same time reinforce the notion that with creativity and conviction challenges can be overcome.

http://www.ufm.edu.gt (in Spanish)